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What makes us unique

We don't only rent our luxury villas & apartments, but we also develop, renovate and (part) build ourselves. We do this to take the market's temperature for our clients, to establish a luxury standard for the best locations so that we can give our guests the best experience. We only select the most beautiful houses with wonderful interior design in order to create a brand which clients recognise and trust and which allows them to make unforgettable memories with their loved ones.

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Interior & design

At LXRYHOME we attach great importance to the interior design of our own villas & apartments, as well as to that of properties which we rent out on other people's behalf. We learned through our own experience and that of our guests that a big frustration with platforms like Airbnb and is that the search for the right house in the right location was challenge enough, only then to discover that the interior design and vibe was totally different to what we were looking for, while the prices were right... So we do this differently. For us, interior design is a key factor. When you come to us you will immediately feel at home and get into the holiday mood, and then return home from your trip wonderfully ZEN.

Unforgettable services and activities

Services and availability are very important to us, so we ensure excellent availability via live chat, telephone and email at times that are convenient for you. Moreover, we have our own free travel & concierge service that takes care of your travel planning from door to door. We also have our local team at each location who can assist you with issues and you will receive your personal lifestyle assistant on arrival who can book your restaurants, beach clubs and activities for you. In addition, we have set up unique collaborations with brands that match LXRYHOME in terms of appearance, quality and lifestyle. This way you are guaranteed the best experience, and you will be treated like a VIP!

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Sustainability is not a concept but a mindset

Naturally, at LXRYHOME we focus on sustainability. From the realisation that we only have the earth 'on loan' from future generations, we strive in all our endeavours for a responsible balance between people, the earth and profitability. 

Sustainable building

Additionally we act responsibly and contribute to a better, cleaner and more sustainable world when we develop and renovate places ourselves. We always weigh up matters of design, material and equipment with the ambition of bringing the most sustainable solution into being as we develop and build our projects. In concrete terms, when tendering for our new-build villas in Curacao, we look at working with as many local, sustainable and circular building materials as possible. We chose to buy a historic property in Antwerp for conversion into contemporary apartments so as not to build from scratch and produce additional nitrogen. During the renovation process we make on-going trade-offs between traditional building materials and sustainable and often circular building materials.

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Meet the team

LXRYHOME Maarten Jan Reijnders

Maarten Jan Reijnders

Maarten Jan is our Creative Mastermind.
Entrepreneurship is in his blood and he has several succesfull companies and projects on his name. With the founding of LXRYHOME he offers everyone a high- end accommodation experience in both Belgium as on Curaçao. For most part of his life Maarten Jan travels to the island and lives in Belgium. With LXRYHOME he wants to show the beauty of Curaçao and Belgium through his eyes. Hereby total unburdening and luxury is the main focus point. In addition to our existing accommodations, he is always busy realizing new projects in both Curaçao and Belgium.
LXRYHOME Denise Geron

Denise Géron

Denise is the right-hand of Maarten Jan Reijnders for years now. Both business and private she offers him full support and is his full-fledged sparring partner. Her multitasking abilities make us all feel like we would get lost without her. She always keeps the complete overview and offers everyone a helping hand. With nothing too much to ask, she is the driving force in our team.

Janoeska Smit

Hospitality & Marketing
Janoeska coordinates the full unburdening of our guests so they can have thebest experience during their stay at LXRYHOME. She controls the cockpit and directs all the collaborations and partners so that LXRYHOME is being profiled in the right way and the same vision is propagated. With Janoeska's positive and bubbly character, she manages to put a smile on the face of the whole team and our guests.

Jeffrey van Oorschot

Financial right hand
Jeffrey is Maarten Jan's indispensable financial right-hand man. With a keen eye for detail, he takes charge of the financial aspects of Maarten Jan's businesses, including LXRYHOME. In addition to dedicating 32 hours per week to his work for the various enterprises, Jeffrey is also busy pursuing his master's in finance. This allows him to continually expand his knowledge and apply new insights directly in practice.

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Every moment on vacation should be magical. Our team can help you organize the perfect holiday and take care of everything. We are here to simplify your life and create the perfect setting for fantastic moments with your loved ones.

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