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Blue Bay Curaçao

At under half an hour's drive from Willemstad you'll find Blue Bay. It's one of many beautiful beaches that Curaçao has to offer. Blue Bay is a wonderful bay with crystal-clear, azure-blue water. It's wealth of facilities and the relaxing atmosphere make Blue Bay, Curaçao an ideal holiday destination. It's a beautiful Caribbean beach with rustling palm trees and endless opportunities to relax and enjoy. In short, a piece of paradise on earth which we'd love to tell you more about!

Blue Bay

The wonderful azure blue of the water, immediately makes you imagine that this is the origin of the name of Blue Bay. But nothing could be further from the truth. The bay is actually named after its former owner, Anno Blaauw. The name of Blue Bay has been used to describe this beautiful place in Curaçao for centuries. And even if the crystal-clear blue water is not the source of the bay's name, it is indeed what makes Blue Bay such a beautiful place.

Things to do in Blue Bay Curaçao

There's a lot more to do in Blue Bay, Curaçao on top of sunbathing, relaxing and eating amazing food. So it's also a good place to come if you like an active holiday. A popular activity in Blue Bay is playing golf at the beautiful Blue Bay Resort golf course. A wonderful, 18-hole golf course in tropical surroundings. You're not a golf fan? Then go for a lovely walk along Blue Bay beach, or play tennis, workout or enjoy one of the concerts that are regularly held on Blue Bay beach. As well as activities on land, the water also provides many opportunities. Go and spend half a day kayaking or paddle boarding, unwind on a relaxed boat trip or discover the beautiful surroundings from a sailing boat.

Blue Bay Curaçao Restaurants

There's enough to experience at Blue Bay beach for you to spend your entire holiday here. The beach is a piece of heaven on earth, dotted with the loveliest of restaurants serving the most delicious dishes and cocktails throughout the day. The restaurants are all on the beach so you never need leave the beach at all. Get yourself a healthy breakfast first thing, enjoy a tasty full lunch at midday and end your day with a delicious dinner from any one of a range of different cuisines. You can enjoy a beautiful view at Blue Bay throughout the day, against a backdrop of gently crashing waves, all in lovely summery temperatures.

Blue Bay's underwater world

Lovely as it is above water, you really don't want to miss out on discovering the underwater world during your stay in Blue Bay. You can head straight to the diving school on Blue Bay beach for all your underwater adventures. Go on a day trip filled with breathtaking snorkelling expeditions, discover the wonderful and colourful Blue Bay house reef or start a diving course to discover what sort of diving suits you best!

Kids' activities at Blue Bay

Blue Bay is also an ideal holiday destination for families. The Blue Bay Kids' Club provides various activities for the younger members of the family. There is a lovely swimming pool and a supervised playground. So there are plenty of children's activities so that they have a great time in Curaçao too. When the children are happy, you can also be sure of a much better time!

Select one of the many villas & apartments in Blue Bay

Blue Bay Curaçao villa to rent

We can provide you with several options if you want to rent a luxury villa in Blue Bay Curaçao. Our villas in this beautiful part of Curaçao all have several bedrooms and bathrooms. So you can have all the privacy you want, while also enjoying a holiday with friends and family. Sea views, your own pool, luxury porch, spacious kitchen, everything's been thought of. In addition, there's 24/7 security. In short, all the comfort you need to enjoy a carefree and luxury stay!
Discover all our villas & apartments in Blue Bay

If you want your own beautiful villa in Blue Bay, you can go out with our exclusive real estate agent for a day to view the island and the beautiful villas currently for sale there. Click here for more information.

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