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Coral Estate Curaçao

Are you looking for a luxury holiday destination where there's lot to see and do, but where you can also unwind completely? Then Coral Estate resort in Curaçao is the perfect place for you. Welcome to the splendid island of Curaçao and discover its amazing nature, its numerous sights and its many luxury resorts, such as the Coral Estate resort. LXRYHOME guarantees you an amazing holiday, somewhere where your every need will be met. So make use of our extra services for an unforgettable experience.

Coral Estate resort

Coral Estate is the place to discover Curaçao while simultaneously enjoying that holiday feeling. The resort and villas are fully equipped ensuring you have an unforgettable and above all safe experience. The resort has 24/7 security so that you can enjoy your holiday carefree. The resort is fully equipped with a bakery, restaurants, a beach and even a diving school. Do you prefer peace and quiet? That's also possible within the resort. The whole resort covers some 350 hectares only 30% of which is built up. You can find not only peace but also privacy here and you can really step back from your busy life.

Could you do with some real relaxation after an activity-packed day? Come and visit our luxury Spa 8 and you'll soon feel totally zen again. Come to this spa for wonderful facials, massages, manicures, sauna visits or even the hairdresser.

Explore Coral Estate and its surroundings

The natural surroundings offer the sports-inclined the chance to hike or bike for hours. The nature on this side of the island is greener than in other places so it's a great place to go walking. Discover tropical plants and rare animals in your expedition through the green. As temperatures can climb very high in the middle of the day, we recommend you go walking, cycling or playing sports in the morning or evening. That's when the temperatures are most comfortable for partaking in strenuous activities.

The high temperatures in Curaçao mean that the best place to cool down in the middle of the day is the water. In and around Coral Estate there are more than enough water sports on offer, that are fun both for beginners and the more experienced alike. For example, you can go diving, snorkelling, kayaking and paddle boarding. The clear water makes this place a real paradise for snorkelers with lots of opportunities for spotting amazing fish.


Ideal for water sports enthusiasts!
Perfect place to hike or bike
Enjoy the luxury of "Spa 8"
Luxury resort with 24/7 security
Beautiful and natural surroundings
More oriented towards the peaceful West point of the island
Everything is available at the resort including a bakery, beach, diving school and restaurants, but for touring the island or going into town (30-minute drive) we recommend renting a car.

Select one of the many villas & apartments at Coral Estate

Go on holiday to Coral Estate with LXRYHOME

For an unforgettable, luxury holiday, you'll be in the right place at Coral Estate. LXRYHOME has a range of beautiful villas available for rent for a holiday or a longer period. Our villas are fully equipped with modern facilities, such as extra-large American fridges, washers and dryers and so much more. We believe it's important that the interiors of our villas tie in with the tropical surroundings, so all our villas have a boho or Ibiza style decor, so that you stay in a tropical atmosphere inside too. Get in touch with us for a no obligation chat about the options, or have one of our advisors call you back to help you put your perfect holiday together.
Discover all our villas & apartments in Coral Estate

Buy a villa in Coral Estate

You'll find lots of luxury villas in the beautiful Coral Estate resort, all of which are provided with every amenity. Are you unable to get enough of the island and are you thinking about buying your own villa? LXRYHOME has its own real estate agent who would be only too happy to advise you and take you to visit the different villas. Our real estate agent is a market leader with many years experience and expertise in villas. They will be able to guide you in your search for the right villa for you.

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