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Nothing is better than stepping straight into car to take you to your accommodation after a (long) flight.

When you leave Antwerp airport, there are taxis ready and waiting by the exit. The drive to your accommodation will take +/- 20 minutes.

Airport transfer

Would you prefer not to drive yourself? We don't find that hard to understand.

Of course, this needn't mean that you won't get to see anything of your surroundings. We can provide you with a private chauffeur to drive you from A to B and, of course, you get to decide upon the route.

Price upon request.

Private driver

Would you like to rent a car alongside your accommodation? Of course, we can also take care of this for you.

We have a partnership with a reliable car-rental company with well-maintained cars.

Car rental

Just stop having to think about everything and enjoy your well-deserved rest. To take this to an even higher level, we can also provide you with a butler service.

Just give us a shout and it'll all be sorted!

Price upon request.


Hire a private chef and treat yourself to delicious meals during your stay at your holiday home. You can do this just for a single meal or throughout your entire stay should you so wish.

Price upon request.

Private chef

Would you rather not have to do your own grocery shopping? Then order from one of the online supermarkets below and collect your groceries at a pick-up point or have them delivered to your home. You'll save time and effort this way!

Shopping service

Would you like to receive a delicious breakfast basket delivery for a few days or throughout your entire stay? You can choose from our range of different breakfast baskets to get the day off to a good start.


If your stay in Antwerp or Brasschaat is a longer one, you may want to have regular house keeping. That too can be arranged.

Towel and cleaning

A carefree night out together, a important meeting or just having a good time knowing that your children are in good hands? Then make use of our Nanny service.

Price upon request.

Nanny service

Don't like the idea of a massage surrounded by other people? No problem! We can arrange a private massage for you at home.

Price upon request.

Private massage

Do want to plan the wedding of your dreams? There are lots of lovely places in Brasschaat, Antwerp and their surroundings where you can hold your special day. Of course, it's great if you then have a wedding planner to relieve you of having to sort everything out for your wedding.

Price upon request.

Wedding planner

Need some help with these services?

Every moment of your holiday must be magical. Our team can help you organise the perfect holiday and sort out everything for you. We are here to simplify your life and create the setting for fantastic moments with your loved ones.

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